Synthetic Sex Bots

Robots are a rather touchy subject. People fear them taking over their jobs and even taking us over. Another touchy subject is that of virtual girlfriends like in the recent Japanese DS games that have come out combine these two things together and you get Gynoids or sex robots. The article I read “Sex Robots and the Future of Gynoids” discusses the history of sex robots and where they will go in the future. To be honest I expected to be appalled at the subject matter.  I expected to finish reading it and tear apart the idea of sex robots and talk about how wrong and unhealthy such an idea is,  but I was wrong.

The article talks about a man named Davecat. Davecat is an advocate for synthetic love who has two synthetic human sex dolls. At first I thought this is ridiculous and so do most people, but Davecat actually brought up some very valid points. Davecat doesn’t treat his sex dolls as sex dolls he treats them like girlfriends. Now initially I feel this is odd, but reading more about Davecat and people like him I began to think a little about their side of things, and the fact that they aren’t harming anyone. Davecat really feels a connection that he believes is legitimate with these dolls and just because I don’t feel that way doesn’t mean I should judge him for his own personal decisions. But the most convincing argument in favor of this type of behavior didn’t come from Davecat.

The author steps away from examples of people who actually own and use sex dolls and began to talk about the future. The author mentions things like Her and discusses the possibility of creating your own perfect woman, this to me seemed more negative talking about people replacing their intimate human relationships with robots they can control but then the author brings up something that had never crossed my mind Human sex trafficking. In the section of the article about Japan the author mentions that some places in Japan offer the synthetic sex dolls as sexual escorts. This idea seemed rather revolutionary to me. People around the world fear that their jobs will be taken over by robots but this scenario could turn that fear into a positive thing. Human trafficking is a global problem and it stems from some people wanting a person who will please them sexually and who is exactly what they want with no strings attached. Replacing human sex slaves with robots could save countless young women from being forced into that life style. Men could choose what they wanted and the robotic women would even “enjoy” it or be programmed to pretend to. Doing this would also help prevent the spread of STDs and even accidental pregnancies which lead to abortions. This portion of this article completely changed my perspective on the entire subject. Robotic sex dolls may seem strange and unnatural, but they exist and they might actually serve a useful purpose in our society.


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