VFX wages

The Article I am responding to is titled “Wages In the VFX, Animation, and Game Industry” by VFX Soldier. I think that the author did a fantastic job of explaining some of the problems professionals face in the industry and boiled it down fairly well to a good major point, people are taken advantage of because they aren’t equipped with the proper knowledge to combat the businesses who hire them. The article gave two amazing points of solution that if put into practice could really work. First being educated a digital artist should know their value. VFX artists should know how much others in the field are paid so that they can bargain for higher wages themselves. The problem with this is that compared to the companies these artist still have little to bargain with since they could find someone else to just do it cheaper, but the article also explains how to fix this issue as well. Unionization of the VFX industry is possibly the only true solution to solve how mistreated vfx artists are in the industry. A Union would help artists get better health benefits and pay, possibly even royalties. It only makes sense that as a growing industry VFX should begin to unionize. Unions throughout America Corporate History have been the workers greatest tool in defending themselves from being used and manipulated. Even Actors and stage technicians join certain types of unions that negotiate with companies and make sure their members get treated properly, why should VFX. The problem with this is that for the union to work all of the artists, or at least a large majority, must support the unions. If the unions don’t get enough support then artists who are willing to take less pay will still swoop in, take jobs, and continue to lower the average pay of VFX artists.

The best solution I see is to educate the masses in this industry, especially those entering the Industry out of college. Artists need to know that by not unionizing and taking lower pay they are actually hurting themselves and their fellow artists by hindering the progression of their rights as workers. They need help in protecting themselves from businesses who care only about their own profit, and often don’t even keep artists from project to project. In an industry that fluctuating an artist who needs a job is left extremely vulnerable and willing to take whatever they can get. VFX artists need to ban together to defend against this vulnerability and stop businesses from being able to offer them so little. There is strength in numbers.



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