Is 2D Dead?

I read an article titled “Is Hand-Drawn Animation Dead?” by Rotoscopers. The average person just looking at the situation would probably say yes. The article explained very simply why this is the case mainly when it comes to Disney but points out that it “will continue to thrive in more unconventional places.” I feel as though I in a small way agree with the overall point I feel as though the writer missed the truth behind it all in why the situation is as it is and how that will affect the future. When he/she refers to the place that 2-d thrives in as unconventional he/she is meaning not large U.S. production companies, meaning foreign where 2-d dominates places like Japan or France. If one then takes Japan as their example 2-d animation is extremely alive and what generation of children just grew up on Japanese pop culture? That’s right America, where an upcoming generation of artists stared at television screens watching Spikey haired blonde warriors speak broken dubbed English on Saturday nights and all they could think was , “I want to make that.” And these are the future creatives. Animation didn’t come from business it came from art and art as a whole has never been about profit. I for one find it hard to believe that an entire generation of artists inspired by 2-d animation would abandon it. I believe that in America independent artists and foreign filmmakers will bring about a revolution in the art form of animation and cause 2-d to once again get the recognition it deserves cinematically. Artists who want to make their art move themselves won’t go to 3-d animation to make it happen they will learn how to draw and make their drawings come to life. I think the question is 2-d animation dead is ridiculous? Just because one company who made some successful 2-d animated films hasn’t been making them doesn’t mean an entire art form will die. I don’t believe that 2-d animation is dead I believe it is taking a nap, and it just needs the next generation of artists to wake it up.


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