End of the semester

There comes a time at the end of every year where students everywhere struggle in front of computers for 48 hour sleepless sessions. Some write papers, some study for exams but possibly the students who have it the worst are those art based students. Whether studio art, animation, graphic design or even recording arts for these students exam time is D-day. If you know someone who is in any of these majors you should buy them a case of energy drinks and don’t expect to see them till the end of the semester.


The wretched desk of an animation student

        The wretched desk of an
   animation student

If you are a student in any of these majors you will need supplies to survive this terrible time of year. Here is a list of what you need in your end if the semester survival pack.
1. A case of Redbulls (or other energy drink) to trick you into thinking you don’t need sleep.
2. Granola bars for quick nutrition.
3. A small pillow and blanket for micro naps in front of your computer.
4. A playlist of your favorite motivational work music to keep you going long after your brain has stopped actually functioning.
5. Headphones so you don’t have the urge to kill the guy at the computer next to you because you can’t stand the way he breathes.
5. Finally a person who will infinitely listen to you complain and remind you that the end is just around the corner.

There you have it. If you have these things you’ll be able to make it through this retched time of year. Good luck to you all and remember that once its almost over and you can sleep when you’re dead.


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